How Does Wersirius Keep Everything on Track? 

In the world of logistics, there are many moving parts working behind the scenes to ensure seamless transportation and delivery. However, few people are aware of the teams that play a crucial role in maintaining this system in perfect order – the Track and Trace and After Hours teams. These teams may be less known, but they are extremely important for the day-to-day functioning of logistics operations at Wersirius. In the following, we will explore the differences between these teams to better understand their vital role within Wersirius.

Track and Trace: Entry-Level Logistics

The first step in understanding the difference between Track and Trace and After Hours at Wersirius is to grasp what each of these sectors encompasses.

Track and Trace is what many refer to as the entry-level part of the job in our company. Here, the focus is on monitoring and documenting crucial transportation information. This includes:

  • Calculating and recording mileage.
  • Contacting shippers and receivers to coordinate cargo.
  • Basic communication with drivers to ensure smooth deliveries.

This serves as a foundational component of our daily logistics, providing the basic structure for our operations.

After Hours: Advanced Responsibility

Now that we understand what Track and Trace involves, let’s shift our focus to After Hours. This sector represents an advanced level of responsibility and requires skilled and experienced professionals.

In the After Hours sectors of Wersirius, employees take full responsibility for everything that happens outside of regular working hours. This includes:

  • Taking over dispatch and safety teams.
  • Assisting the maintenance team or taking over their duties.
  • Intensive communication with drivers to resolve potential issues.
  • Independently solving problems and deciding what can be deferred until the next day and what requires immediate action.

Here, more complex tasks are involved, demanding swift and efficient decision-making to maintain effectiveness during the night or early morning hours.

Why Both Sectors Matter

Now that we understand the difference between Track and Trace and After Hours at Wersirius, the question arises: why are both of these sectors crucial for our company?

  • Track and Trace provides the basic structure and tracking during daytime shifts. This serves as the entry-level part of the job that allows the company to monitor and manage cargo during standard working hours.
  • After Hours, on the other hand, enables us to address challenges and problems outside of regular working hours. This saves resources and ensures that complications are quickly resolved without the need to involve a large number of people.

Understanding and efficiently managing both sectors allows Wersirius to offer reliable and efficient services to our clients, regardless of the time or situation.

In our company, these two sectors work together as part of the same department, but differences in responsibilities and tasks during shifts are key to our success.


At Wersirius, Track and Trace and After Hours are inseparable parts of our operations. Understanding the differences between these two sectors helps us stay organized and efficient, both during standard working hours and outside of them. Both sectors play a crucial role in maintaining our reputation as a reliable logistics and transportation partner.

If you want to learn more about our work or how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best services in the industry.