Department "After Hours – Track and Trace": Precise 24/7 Logistic Support

Welcome to the After Hours team within Wersirius Company, where we are dedicated to providing continuous and flawless logistical support at all times. Our expert team has a unique mission: to accurately track, manage, and resolve any logistical challenges that may arise during transport routes, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

This team represents an essential part of our organization. Our expertise and dedication allow us to maintain a high level of logistical efficiency and provide outstanding support during crucial non-working hours.

Each day in our team is dynamic and challenging. By carefully assigning responsibilities, we allocate routes and drivers to each team member, enabling precise monitoring and real-time resolution of logistical challenges. Our role goes beyond conventional logistical tasks – we are the first line of support for drivers during their routes, providing instant responses to any potential issues.

When trucks hit the roads, we utilize cutting-edge technology and software tools to track them. We actively monitor their location, analyze their path, and respond to all unforeseen situations. Traffic jams, technical malfunctions, or other challenges are no problem as we promptly intervene and find the best solutions.

Our close communication with drivers is crucial. We anticipate loading or unloading difficulties and engage with relevant parties to swiftly resolve issues and minimize operational disruptions.

Each route is unique, requiring quick and adaptable decisions. Our team is trained to swiftly analyze situations, assess risks, and make decisions that ensure a continuous flow of transportation.

Join Our Team!

If you share a passion for precise logistical tracking and want to be part of a team that ensures transport continuity, we invite you to consider an opportunity to work in the “After Hours – Track and Trace” team. Your ability to make fast decisions and take responsibility are key components we are seeking.

Our commitment, expertise, and readiness to take urgent actions make us an indispensable part of the team that guarantees the successful completion of every route.


Dispatch Department: Connecting, Organizing, and Building Relationships

Welcome to the dispatch world within our company. As a significant link in the chain of the transportation industry, our dispatchers play a vital role in organizing, coordinating, and executing successful trips.

Team and Division Organization:

Our dispatch department is divided into three divisions, each with its own team and team leader. Divisions are categorized into dry van, flatbed, and straightbox trucks. Each division has its own drivers managed, monitored, and coordinated by our dispatchers throughout the entire transportation process.

Key Responsibilities of Dispatchers:

The primary purpose of our dispatchers is to provide support throughout the entire trip process, from finding loads to their successful completion. Every workday begins with reviewing driver statuses, locations, and conditions. Dispatchers track Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for drivers and search for new trips that align with their route and location. Furthermore, dispatchers organize and plan dedicated trips, guiding the pickup and delivery process.

Connecting with Drivers and Brokers:

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of our dispatchers’ role. They maintain contact with drivers, monitor their information, and ensure smooth operations during trips. Dispatchers also foster close relationships with brokers to find the best trips for drivers and the company.

Social impact:

Dispatchers play a significant role in ensuring earnings for our drivers. Through meticulous organization and support, we enable each driver to seize earning opportunities. Our drivers transport not only cargo but also essential supplies like food and water, contributing to our daily lives in ways we often overlook.

Pride and Trust:

We proudly highlight the number of trucks in our fleet and the fact that our drivers seldom leave the company. This is a result of our dedication and the support we provide. We believe that our department’s structure empowers our dispatchers to efficiently address situations and provide assistance around the clock, regardless of challenges.

This role may be demanding, but success hinges on teamwork and focusing on the fact that each dispatcher’s effort helps drivers provide for their families. Through teamwork, organized communication, and meticulous planning, we achieve successful trips, allowing our drivers to be the backbone of their families.

Join Us!

If you share our passion for organization, connection, and support, we invite you to consider joining our team. Skills such as coordination, task dedication, and readiness for teamwork are qualities we value. If you want to be part of our journey, we look forward to having you on board!


Truck Maintenance Department: Ensuring Uninterrupted and Efficient Passage

Welcome to the world of truck maintenance within Wersirius Company, where we are dedicated to ensuring reliable and safe vehicle travel during their journeys. Our expert team is committed to providing comprehensive truck maintenance solutions, overseeing aspects such as tires, regular servicing, and unexpected road situations.

This department serves as a crucial link in our efforts to ensure uninterrupted and safe vehicle flow. Our skilled team offers more than just technical support; we are the primary point of contact for owner operators and drivers, providing support to resolve issues of all scales.

Our mission is clear and targeted:

Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance: Our dedicated team takes care of all aspects of truck maintenance, including tires, regular servicing, and unforeseen road situations.

Communication and Solutions:

As the first point of contact for vehicle owners and drivers, we are here to provide solutions to every problem – from technical queries to instructions for optimal solutions.

Structure and Efficiency:

The Maintenance Department operates based on two key components:

Information Provision and Diagnostics: Our team maintains constant communication with drivers to provide comprehensive information and swift diagnostic services.

Workshop Network: With an extensive network of workshops across the country, we ensure preferential pricing, emergency interventions, and priority treatment for vehicles. This allows us to swiftly and efficiently intervene and provide assistance to vehicles.

Problem-solving Dedication:

Each workday brings new challenges and interactions with drivers. We understand the significance of every issue and carefully analyze each situation to ensure accurate diagnosis. Our expertise enables us to identify the root cause of problems and intervene correctly.

Speed and Efficiency:

Our response to problems is swift and efficient. We strive to get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. We intervene on-site when feasible, enabling drivers to continue their journeys without wasting time or resources.

Communication and Optimism:

Our communication with drivers, mechanics, and partners plays a pivotal role in effective problem-solving. While dealing with serious situations, optimism and a positive attitude are our strengths, allowing us to confront every challenge optimally.

Results and Development:

Since the establishment of the maintenance department, maintenance and repair costs have been reduced by an impressive 30%, thanks to our dedication and efficiency.

Join Our Team!

If you share our passion for truck maintenance and wish to contribute to seamless and safe journeys, join our truck maintenance team. We offer training from experienced experts. Important qualities include seriousness, focus, efficiency, and an understanding of truck mechanics. By caring for details, inspecting vehicles, and providing 24/7 support, you can become a crucial member of our team.

Supporting Reliability and Safety

The Maintenance Department is a key factor in preserving reliability and safety during transportation operations. Our dedication, expertise, and teamwork make us a pillar for drivers and companies, ensuring the secure and successful passage of every truck.


Accounting Department at Wersirius Company: Preserving Financial Stability and Integrity

The Accounting department at our company is responsible for maintaining the financial stability and integrity of our business. Composed of a dedicated team of financial experts, accountants, and analysts, our department’s primary function is to manage and oversee financial transactions, records, and reporting for the entire organization.


Plain and simple: to ensure accurate and efficient financial management that supports the sustainable growth and success of Wersirius Company. Through daily tasks and responsibilities, we work towards achieving this mission.


Our vision is to become a center of excellence in the field of accounting within the transport industry. We aim to be recognized as leaders in providing financial support and expertise, contributing to the long-term success of the company and its partners.

Tasks and Responsibilities

On a daily basis, we handle a range of tasks to keep the financial engine of the company running smoothly. These tasks include:

  • Recording and reconciling financial transactions, such as invoices, payments, and expenses.
  • Preparing financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Monitoring and analyzing financial data to provide insights into the company’s financial health.
  • Managing payroll and ensuring timely and accurate compensation for our employees.
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure accurate cost allocation and budgeting.
  • Adhering to industry regulations and standards while maintaining accurate financial records.

Success and Achievements

Our Accounting Department recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing an efficient digital accounting system. This transition has improved our efficiency by automating routine tasks, reducing the margin for error, and allowing our team to focus on strategic financial analysis and decision-making. This achievement has not only increased our department’s effectiveness but has also positively impacted the entire company’s financial management.

Above All and Beyond Challenges

The best part of working in the Accounting Department is the satisfaction of maintaining the financial backbone of the company. We play a pivotal role in ensuring financial stability and growth. Additionally, the opportunity to analyze financial data and contribute to strategic decisions is intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

The most challenging aspect of the job is dealing with the complex and dynamic nature of the transportation industry. Fluctuating fuel prices, regulatory changes, and unexpected maintenance costs can pose challenges in accurately forecasting and budgeting. However, overcoming these challenges through effective financial management adds to the sense of accomplishment.

Financial Friday

In our team, we have a tradition of celebrating “Financial Friday” every last Friday of the month. On this day, we gather for a brief meeting to share interesting financial facts or insights related to the transportation industry. It’s a lighthearted way to keep the team engaged and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Join Us!

If you share our passion for financial data management and want to contribute to financial stability in the dynamic transportation industry environment, we invite you to join our team. We offer training and opportunities for professional development. Your dedication, analytical skills, and ability to make informed decisions are key to the success of our Accounting Department.


Transport Industry Safety Department: Guardians of Road Safety

Welcome to the Safety Department within Wersirius Company. Our mission is clear: to ensure safety at every step of the transportation journey. Through carefully developed protocols, training, and analysis, we set standards and uphold the integrity of every transport operation.

In the fast-paced and dynamic transport industry, safety is the foundation on which we build success. Our department provides invaluable support to ensure each route is smooth and secure, building trust among our clients and partners.

Protection Through Compliance, Training, and Analysis:

Compliance with FMCSA regulations, regular vehicle maintenance, driver training, safety protocol definition, and data analysis – these are the pillars of our work. We ensure our operations adhere to strict standards and regulations, making every drive safe and reliable.

Safety Protocols and Preventive Measures: Cultivating Safety as a Habit

We establish protocols and procedures that apply in every situation to ensure safety throughout the entire transport process. Our culture of prevention and swift response shields us from potential threats and ensures that every challenge is met with the highest degree of attention.

Trained and Equipped: Zaštitnici Sigurnosti

Our team is trained to be a support system for all drivers and partners. We provide comprehensive training to ensure every driver is prepared to address all aspects of road safety. Additionally, we ensure our vehicles and equipment meet the latest safety standards.

Data Analysis and Continuous Improvement: Towards a Safer Future

Through meticulous data analysis, we identify areas for improvement and implement strategies for continuous safety enhancement. Our commitment to analysis and evolution ensures we stay ahead of every challenge and consistently raise the standards.

Join Our Team!

If you share our passion for ensuring safety in transport operations and want to contribute to upholding integrity in the transport industry, we invite you to join our Transport Industry Safety team. Your dedication and readiness to face challenges make you an ideal candidate.

The Transport Industry Safety Department is the cornerstone of our business, ensuring each transport journey is safe and reliable. Our dedication, expertise, and willingness to take immediate action make us responsible guardians of safety at every step of the transport process. Make a difference and join our team as we work together to build a secure future for all.


Transportation Industry Brokers: Connecting Companies and Carriers for Efficient Transport

Welcome to the world of brokerage expertise within Wersirius Company. Our mission is clear – we create bridges between supply and demand through market analysis and competitive pricing, ensuring efficient and profitable transport for our clients.

Vision and Our Role

Our vision is rooted in transforming transportation through efficient interaction and smart coordination. We believe that our role as intermediaries enhances the transport industry, making it more dynamic and productive.

Our Mission: Connecting Companies and Carriers

Our mission is centered around optimally connecting companies and carriers. The brokerage department is divided into two key sections:

Customer Sales:

A team dedicated to establishing and maintaining quality relationships with clients. By monitoring the market, we achieve a balance between supply and demand in the realm of truck transport. Selecting cargoes compatible with vehicles, ensuring drivers, contacting clients, and providing services constitute a challenging yet pivotal part of this process. Persistence and courtesy are the foundation of our success.

Carrier Sales:

A team that communicates with carriers to ensure successful transport execution. Throughout the process, they receive tours from colleagues in the customer sales team and match them with appropriate carriers. Selecting suitable carriers, contacting dispatchers, and assessing transport feasibility are just parts of this process. Our technological support, including tour tracking and finalization, contributes to overall transport success.

Team Synchronization for Excellence

Relying on team alignment, we achieve excellence. Every step, from initial client contact, through bidding processes and tour scheduling, to final delivery, requires precise coordination and communication among our colleagues.

Join Our Team!

If you share our passion for connecting companies and carriers and want to contribute to transport efficiency, join our department. Your market analysis skills, negotiation abilities, and teamwork are welcomed. If you wish to become a part of our team, applications are always open!

Efficient Intermediaries in the Transportation Industry:

All these elements together make our recruitment department an efficient and reliable intermediary in the transportation industry. By relying on teamwork, dedication, and expertise, we ensure successful transport and satisfaction for both our clients and carriers.


Recruitment for the Transportation Industry: Connecting Drivers and Companies

Welcome to the world of recruitment within Wersirius Company, where we strive for a significant goal – connecting truck drivers with companies in the transportation industry. Our recruitment department plays a crucial role in the process of finding, assessing, and hiring drivers, ensuring integrity and reliability at every step.

Bridge Between Drivers and Companies

The recruitment department is the cornerstone of our business, enabling synergy between drivers and companies in the transportation industry. Our recruiters are experts in finding and engaging truck drivers, laying the foundation for successful collaboration and safe transport.

Precise Tracking and Connection

Our team consists of two key components that accomplish our mission:

Recruitment and Informing: We engage with drivers daily, providing comprehensive information about job opportunities and conditions. Our recruiters actively converse and guide drivers through the process, ensuring each step is clear and accessible.

Expertise in Client Relations: Customer relationship specialists establish contact between companies and drivers. After interacting with a driver, our experts communicate with companies and present them with a driver who best fits their needs. This cooperative approach ensures recruitment is efficient and enhances the connection between drivers and companies.

Opening Doors to Opportunities

Our recruitment process is thorough and precise:

Attracting applicants through advertising on various platforms.

Contacting and providing information to potential drivers.

Collecting relevant data and conditions provided by our clients.

Identifying suitable candidates and gathering documentation.

Connecting drivers with transport companies.

Activities and Systematic Approach:

Our recruiters actively gather information and update the database with drivers and their qualifications. Customer relationship specialists play a pivotal role in forming successful connections between drivers and companies. Their coordinated teamwork ensures successful recruitment and the establishment of strong relationships.

Join Our Team!

If you share our passion for connecting drivers and companies and want to contribute to the integrity and efficiency of the transportation industry, we invite you to consider the opportunity to work in the recruitment department. We value qualities such as commitment to communication and engagement.

Efficient Intermediaries in the Transportation Industry:

All these elements together make our recruitment department an efficient and reliable intermediary in the transportation industry. By relying on teamwork, dedication, and expertise, we ensure successful transport and satisfaction for both our clients and carriers.